We are a group of journalists and communication operators

Every day in our job, we address issues related to food, increasingly realizing how necessary a constant debate about the quality of information is, in a field that is so fragile and so felt by the citizen.

Therefore, we thought that maybe there was no need to keep talking only to each other. We thought that the time to gather our fellow journalists and communicators, to invite them in Turin to a standing appointment for meeting, debate, reflection, education and mutual knowledge has arrived. A circumstance in which we discuss periodically about how we are doing our job, opening a dialogue also with new kinds of “journalisms”, research scientist and health experts. This is how the idea of the Festival was born: from the bottom, from the work, from the passion, from the sense of responsibility of those who report information in a Country, which relies its identity and its recognition all over the world on “food awareness”.

Formally, the cultural Association Pensare il Cibo is the entity that runs the Festival. However, the idea was designed inside a larger workspace in via Verdi 20, Turin, where journalists and communication professionals operate. Some of them are younger, others less, they are in part specialized in food information, and every day they ask themselves what is the meaning behind their jobs and what are the best way to conduct it.

Here, the 2018 Festival staff establishment plan:/p>


Senior Manager: Massimiliano Borgia (journalist)
Assistant Manager: Maria Chiara Voci (journalist)
Organisation: Clara Vercelli (journalist), Roberta Ricci (editorial secretary)
Press Office: Stefano Bosco (journalist), Silvia Fissore (journalist)
Administration: Luca Marega (administrative consultant)
Web Editorial Staff: Stefano Bosco (journalist), Giorgia Marino (journalist), Lorenzo Bernardi (journalist), Chiara Ferrero (journalist)
Social Media: Sara Perro (social media strategist), Marilena De Giorgio (journalist)
Video Making: Sarita Seclì (graphics-video editor), Marco Panzarella (journalist)
Graphics/visual: Marco Panzarella, Sarita Seclì, Elena Zoccarato (graphic designer)


Where to find us

The official address of the International Food Journalism Festival is:

Via Verdi 20
10124 TORINO



This is the administrative and editorial address.

IT IS NOT THE LOCATION OF THE FESTIVAL, which is chosen every year from among a range of locations suited to host cultural events.