Conditions of use of the brand

  1. The "Food Journalism Festival Network" brand is owned by the organization of the Food Journalism Festival, which grants it free use to journalists, bloggers or other people working in the communication sector (hereinafter simply Users);
  2. The granting of the use of the mark takes place at the discretion of the organization of the Food Journalism Festival, following an explicit request;
  3. The Trademark must be used exclusively to indicate one's belonging to the Food Journalism Festival Network and can be used by each User to promote their image and their professional activities in the sectors of food information and communication;
  4. In particular, the Trademark can be preceded by words confirming belonging to the Network and can be affixed:
    • on the home page or within websites, blogs, pages and social network accounts owned or in free use by the User
    • on printed material or video material produced by the User
    • on the Curriculum Vitae and on personal presentations;
  5. It is not allowed to be used for commercial or advertising purposes, it cannot be exhibited at other festivals, debates, round tables, conferences, workshops, seminars, press conferences, TV broadcasts and other public activities. Reproduction of the Trademark on any type of product offered for sale by the User is also not permitted,
  6. The right to use the Trademark granted to the User by the Festival Organization is personal, referring to the natural person, and cannot be alienated;
  7. When using the Trademark, the User must comply with it
  8. It is forbidden to modify or alter the Brand in any way
  9. The Festival Organization reserves the right to verify the permanence of the conditions for granting the Trademark, revoking the authorization of use to those who no longer possess the requisites or conditions required.
  10. The Festival Organization is not responsible for the contents published by the Users of the Brand
  11. The Festival Organization reserves the right to revoke - at its sole discretion - the authorization to use the Trademark in the event of non-compliant use. A communication will therefore be sent in which the immediate cessation of use of the trademark will be ordered.
  12. The Festival Organization reserves the right to protect, in the most appropriate venues, the image of the Festival in case of improper use of the Brand.
  13. The "Festival Network" trademark can only be downloaded from the specific page of the site and does not give the right to use the native trademark "Festival del Giornalismo Alimentare"
  14. The Festival Organization reserves the right to unilaterally modify these rules, giving timely communication via the website
  15. Use of the Trademark implies acceptance of all the rules contained in this document


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