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  • Bayer at the Festival with the short film "L'altra terra" by director Pignatelli

Bayer at the Festival with the short film "L'altra terra" by director Pignatelli

Bayer al Festival con il corto "L'altra terra" del regista Pignatelli

Bayer, sponsor of the 2022 Food Journalism Festival, is a global company, active in the health and nutrition sectors, present in Italy for over 120 years. Bayer is committed to developing innovation and promoting digital transformation in agriculture. Its strategies are based on three points: expanding the Crop Protection portfolio, developing more integrated solutions for the main crops; ensure greater customer focus along the entire value chain; to pave the way for innovation in the field of chemical and biological protection of crops and seeds, as well as to further develop digital farming or digital agriculture. A strategic line is that of New Hybridization Techniques or TEA (Assisted Evolution Techniques that are based on the crossing of varieties through a "cut and sew" of genes that in the traditional processes of creating new pollination varieties would take several years to get a result.
At the Food Journalism Festival, Bayer will present the short film The other land, produced in collaboration with Giffoni Innovation Hub. The short was curated by director Daniele Pignatelli.


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