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The laboratories of the Chamber of Commerce to train journalists

I laboratori della Camera di Commercio per formare i giornalisti

Among the 12 experience and in-depth workshops offered by the Festival to its public, three were organized by the Turin Chamber of Commerce and its Chemical Laboratory.

All three workshops explored topical issues that are normally dealt with by food journalists.

The first workshop, held by Cristina Giovannini Luca of the Labeling and Product Safety Desk of the Chemical Laboratory of the Chamber of Commerce, has provided more knowledge on food labeling, intended as a complete summary of information to the consumer, also in light of recent updates. It also provided information on packaging and its correct disposal up to an update on the ongoing debate on possible changes to Community legislation on the provision of food information to consumers.

On the same day of May 31, after the Festival lunch, the training workshop on ice cream took place, a topic that in these first weeks of summer is treated a lot by food journalists.

Under the title: "His Majesty the ice cream", the workshop was held by the artisan company, Maestro del Gusto, "Silvano- ice cream of other times" with Alessandra Girardello. An experience to discover and savor a one-of-a-kind ice cream, which has now become a traditional flavor much loved by the customers of the Turin ice cream maker: with rice cream, made with Vercelli rice. But above all an opportunity to learn how to distinguish real artisan ice cream.

The last workshop was conducted by the lawyer Teodora Uva and had the purpose of explaining to journalists how to move in the now intricate world of environmental (legal) definitions. Under the title: “Green Claim VS Green Washing: let's be clear”, the workshop was dedicated to the analysis of the main pronouncements of the Authorities on the subject of green claims to understand how to communicate it correctly. Because the environmental commitment by companies in the installation of cutting-edge systems, in the choice of suppliers and packaging materials with reduced environmental impact, in the investment in green projects is increasingly communicated.


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