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I am a professional and I will tell you about food

Sono un professionista e vi racconto il food

Passion combined with training the leitmotif of the stories of Selene Scinicariello and Luca Cantone, bloggers of the blogs Viaggichemangi and Largobaleno respectively. Promotion of a territory and enhancement of its food and wine excellences, in the journalistic work of Claudio Porchia, director of the Guide The Restaurants of the Palette and Filippo Teramo, Director of Viaggi del Gusto Magazine.

Selene's blog was born by chance, after reading an article that inspired her and that made her think that she could have made her love for food a job. But soon he realizes that passion is not enough, and therefore he studies a lot, he technically trained on SEO, on user experience and enrolled in a graphic design course to learn how to package content effectively. At the base of his blog there is above all the idea that "eating means understanding a territory". In fact, food tells the story of a place, or the link between different places: “an example? The typical Piedmontese anchovies in green, a meeting between sea and land (Liguria and Piedmont) through the salt roads ".

Also Luca Cantone, author of the blog Rainbow, tells us that he started from two personal passions: food and writing, to which he combined a technical training, in particular on food safety law. Largobaleno aims not only to share suggestions and advice in the food sector, but also to provide information on food safety, making it accessible not only to a technical public, but to everyone.

Filippo Teramo, director Viaggi by Gusto Magazine, tells us about the role of his magazine and the members of his team, which he defines reporters of a territory, with a very specific mission: to attract enthusiasts through the story of the places, starting from the raw material and following the entire path. He then highlighted the importance of the chefs, who are the authors of the contents, while the journalists are the megaphone of these stories.

Claudio Porchia, Director of Guide the Restaurants of the Palette, led the discussion on the binomial professionalism and responsibility. Telling a territory with its food and wine values ​​or a chef with his work is a great responsibility and, at the same time, a profession, whose value must also be recognized economically. What was a new activity today is mature and increasingly a vehicle of visibility, the value of which must be properly remunerated.


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