The festival

When food makes headlines and when the news speaks of food: this is the sphere of interest of the International Festival of Food Journalism.

Three days entirely dedicated to one of the most topical issues, communication related to food. View through meetings, workshops and a "tasty" calendar of events off, show cooking and guided tastings, aimed at professionals and open to the general public.

National and international experts animate the agora, alongside the voice of companies, institutions, bloggers and sector journalists.

The Festival does not have a single theme. Every year the problems of information and communication related to food safety and education, deontology, financial journalism, investigation, news and judicial, social and social communication, advertising, food policies and food and wine criticism, to the contractual and working conditions of journalists, to the dialogue between the different professions of information and communication and between the scientific and information professions, between companies, institutions and journalists.

The Festival takes place in Turin in an appropriate congress venue. 

There are also other historical locations involved in the off events program, some of which are open air under the Mole sky. On the last day the boundaries of the Festival move, then, beyond Turin, with a series of press tours - reserved for journalists and bloggers - to discover the culinary and food excellences of all of Piedmont.


The spirit of the Festival

Starting from the assumption that correct information is a fundamental right of citizens, the International Festival of Food Journalism is an annual event that promotes the debate on the quality of information and communication around food and food.

In particular, the Festival intends to promote:

  • The confrontation between journalists, bloggers, communicators on improving the quality of information and communication towards citizens / users / readers;
  • The comparison between information and communication professionals with citizens and citizens' representatives to respond to the right to a correct, free and plural food information;
  • The training of journalists who deal with food-related issues in all fields of journalism and communication and through every medium and every journalistic genre (interview, surveys, video service etc.);
  • The comparison between information and communication professionals with the professions interested in the issues of safety, education, food quality;
  • The comparison between information and communication professionals with the political, institutional and economic world to promote citizens' right to food quality;

The Festival is open to everyone and is a place of free debate. Participation is not precluded to anyone in age, sex, religion, political or ethical orientation, for entrepreneurial and associative activities.

The Festival tries to guarantee an acceptable quality of the events that make up the program through the choice of the topics dealt with, the speakers and the times assigned to the events.

For the public nature and relevant social interest of the topics discussed, the Festival is sponsored by public bodies and institutions. The sponsorship does not give the right in any way to direct the free confrontation that takes place within the initiatives that make up the Festival program.

The costs of organizing the Festival are supported by sponsorships and contributions from public and private subjects.
Sponsors and contributors, while signing the contract, while also actively participating, undertake not to influence in any way the outcome of the debates and the free comparison that takes place within the initiatives that make up the Festival program .




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