About us

We are a group of journalists and communication operators 

In our work every day we face food issues and we are increasingly aware of what it is a constant comparison on the quality of the information is necessary in a field so delicate and so felt by the citizens.
So, we thought that maybe we shouldn't just talk about it among ourselves.
We thought it was the time has come to summon fellow journalists and communicators, invite them to Turin for a regular meeting, debate, reflection, training event, mutual knowledge. A recurring moment for talk about how we are doing our job, opening the dialogue also with the new "journalisms" and with the scientific professions of research and health.
Thus the idea of ​​the Festival was born: from below, from work, from passion, from the sense of responsibility of those who make information in a country that, on the "food conscience", rests its identity and its recognition throughout the world.

The subject that, formally, is the organizer of the Festival is ACultural association Thinking about food but the idea was conceived within the larger workspace of via Verdi 20 in Turin where journalists and communication professionals operate, young and less young, partly specialized also in food information, who every day find themselves questioning about sense of their work and the best way to do their job.

Festival Director: Massimiliano Borgia (journalist)


Where to find us

The address of the Food Journalism Festival office is:

Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 6
10128 TORINO

This is the address of the administrative office and the editorial office.
IT IS NOT THE FESTIVAL LOCATION that is chosen each year from places suitable for cultural events




Lingotto Congress Center
Via Nizza 280 - 10126 TURIN


Tel. + 39.334.7622059
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