Food can be related to science, health, security, politics, economy, agriculture and industry. Also, it can be identified with fashion, entertainment, luxury, tourism and performance. It is the subject of controversy and round table discussion. Again, it is, at the same time, the cause of diseases and international frauds while, on the other hand, it represents a moment of conviviality, relax, brotherhood among communities and culture.

The International Food Journalism Festival was born with the intent to unite all these innumerable worlds and to describe them in a direct, easy and precise way, thanks to the participation of experts in the field, nutritionists, firms, Associations, simple citizens and, above all, journalists, bloggers and communicators.

The Food Journalism Festival is a meeting point, a place of debate and analysis, a center for culture and education, for communication and great opportunities.

Three “intense” days, in which food will not only be “eaten” but it will be also “tasted”, in every single detail, through panel discussions, workshops, show cooking, tastings, press trips and through recreational - but still educational - activities. The characters of this initiative - some well-known by the general public, other less - will illustrate this topic to you, as well as they will tell you something about themselves. They are people coming from different realties and countries; sometimes they share similar life experiences, other times they face contrasting ideas and projects but anyhow, they are all connected by the same strong passion, in the end.

The Festival was born in Italy and I cannot be otherwise because our Country is the cradle of nutrition and food and wine culture at an international level. It was born in Turin, and again, it cannot be else ways since it has become the capital and leader of the italian excellence. This is the city where were born – and where are still emerging – important plans concerning food, then exported all over the globe. In conclusion, we are witnessing a city where eating has become the real protagonist in contrast with - or more likely, in response to - the Milan of the drinking age, during the 80s.

This year, again, a new adventure started. We hope to live it intensely with you..