Food can be science, health, safety, politics, economy, agriculture and industry but it can also be fashion, entertainment, luxury, tourism and entertainment. Food can be the subject of controversy, themed round tables, a cause of disease and international scams but it can also be a moment of conviviality, relaxation, brotherhood between peoples and culture.

The Festival of Food Journalism was born with the aim of uniting all these innumerable worlds and to tell them, in a direct, simple and attentive way, thanks to the presence of sector experts, food specialists, companies, associations and simple interested citizens and above all, journalists, bloggers and communicators.

The Festival of Food Journalism is a place of meeting, debate and analysis, a center of culture and information, communication and opportunities for all. Three "intense" days in which food will not only be "eaten" but will be "savored" in every detail through round tables, workshops but also show cooking, tastings, press trips and recreational-educational initiatives. To tell it, and to talk about it, they will be well-known and less known to the general public. Characters from different realities and countries, with similar or completely opposite life experiences, with ideas and projects that are often discordant but united, all with the same great passion.

The Festival was born in Italy and cannot be otherwise, because our country is the cradle of food and wine and food culture at an international level. It was born in Turin, and even in this case it cannot be otherwise, more and more capital and guide of this Italian excellence, the city where important food-related projects were born and continue to be born, then exported to every corner of the world. A "Turin to eat", in short, in contrast or, more likely, as a consequence of the mythical "Milan to drink" of the 80 years.

A new adventure has started. We hope you can live it intensely with us.


Lingotto Congress Center
Via Nizza 280 - 10126 TURIN


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