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The Festival at the end of February 2023 canceled

Annullato il Festival di fine febbraio 2023

The International Food Journalism Festival is suspended: the eighth edition, already scheduled for the end of February 2023, will not be held. The organizing group took this decision after a careful assessment of the budget prospects necessary for the event.

“A significant part of the revenue needed to plan the 2023 edition is missing - declares Massimiliano Borgia, director of the Festival - For this we are forced to block the organizational process. We never imagined that, after seven years, we would find ourselves in the economic conditions of the beginnings, when the event had yet to demonstrate its thematic value and its media potential ».

The Festival was born in 2016 and has always remained in Turin, contributing, over the years, to increasing the national and international media visibility of the Piedmontese capital and of many realities and associations in the area, with a significant impact not only in terms of image but also economic.

The reason that led a group of freelance journalists to organize a totally free international event dedicated to food information was the growth in demand for news and insights on the world of food, a sphere of topics that journalists are called to deal with. in an increasingly widespread way. With these premises it has become the second Italian event dedicated to journalism and one of the most accredited national events dedicated to the food world.

In these seven years, over 800 speakers in the panels and 200 tutors in the training workshops have attended the Festival. The Festival was attended by over 7.000 people, adding the audience of the seven editions, about half of which were members of the Order of Journalists from all Italian regions. The press trips of the Festival involved around 800 journalists and bloggers on tour in Turin and Piedmont.

Around the event, the Food Journalism Festival Network was born with over 500 journalists, bloggers and communicators adhering to it.

The Festival has linked the world of information and communication with the world of research and scientific professions related to food, thanks to the partnership with the most important research subjects and professional associations. He has dealt with scientific issues, ethics, food policies, forms of communication on food and much more.

It has touched all the most prestigious conference locations in Turin, from the lecture hall of the University of Turin to the Cavallerizza to the national library, from the Torino Incontra Congress Center to the Circolo dei Lettere and the Lingotto Congress Center.

The event, through its press tours in Piedmont and its off events in some of the most iconic places in Turin, made its guests live unique experiences and made virtuous realities and innovative projects known outside, acting as a sounding board for a Piedmontese “know-how” that knows how to excel in our country also in the agri-food and food and wine fields. 

The event has always had the patronage of the Information and Publishing Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, the Order of Journalists, the National Federation of the Italian Press, and saw the assiduous participation of international organizations. like FAO and EFSA.



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